Project PUMA

A Unique Risk Management and Risk Transfer Platform

Monetizing the Underwriting Workflow

Project PUMA:

A digital cloud based platform designed and focused on the optimization of the insurance transaction and service functions on behalf of partner underwriters. Blockchain technology powers the platform and works in conjunction with other innovative applications. Data visualization and critical underwriting insights that come from this help underwriters make optimal decisions. Project PUMA is designed to become your virtual underwriting back office.

Key Features:

  • Significant reduction in costs

  • Enhanced efficiencies and customer service

  • Increased contract certainty and transparency

  • Real-Time loss mitigation and avoidance solutions

  • Substantive & relative risk analytics

We are excited to announce that work on Project PUMA is underway and is currently transitioning from pre-alpha to initial pilot testing. This pilot program is being deployed in Canada, the United States, and Latin America. Please check back for updates on the latest developments.


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